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Skat the Christmas Cat – Spread the Word & WIN!


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Take 15 Minutes To Help Spread

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First of all, thanks for checking out Skat the Christmas Cat Book Launch Contest.  This book has been a labor of love and a long time coming.

Now that it’s finally complete, we want to share it with the world — via e-book format. If demand permits, we’ll roll it through the printing press in the near future.

But here’s the deal, I want Skat’s story to become the BIGGEST and most ACTIVE e-book download on the internet. I want that homeless kitty to have more homes than he ever imagined!

But we need some help spreading the word about Skat the Christmas Cat … and I’m willing to flat out BRIBE you!  Not only will you have a ton of fun spreading the word, but also you could win an AWESOME PRIZE along the way!

Help us share Skat the Christmas Cat 

with the world and Win a Cool Prize!

Simple.  This is about us all participating and having FUN. You don’t just get points for “spreading the word” – you’ll get points when you PARTICIPATE and TAKE ACTION!


Here’s The Prize We’re Giving Away…

Kindle Fire – Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi



Movies, apps, games, music, reading and more, plus Amazon’s revolutionary, cloud-accelerated web browser


  • 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books
  • Thousands of popular apps and games
  • Ultra-fast web browsing – Amazon Silk
  • Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content
  • Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle
  • Fast, powerful dual-core processor
  • Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows

For more details go to

The SOONER you start, the better and more chances you have of winning.


*** 3,000 BONUS POINTS ***


LIMITED TIME!  Until 12 noon pacific time on Sunday, November 27th we are giving you the chance to get an extra 3,000 points.  When you purchase Skat the Christmas Cat and forward the receipt and include your contest name to before 12 noon pacific time on the 27th you will receive an extra 3,000 points for the contest.  (If you purchase extra copies for gifts you will get credit for those as well).

This gives you an extra 3,000 chances to WIN the “Kindle Fire”. You will also get the “Kindle Self Publishing Course” for FREE!

Remember – You don’t need to have an e-reader device to view this ebook. You can download free software from Amazon to view kindle books on your computer or your mobile phone. Get the free software here.

You can pick up this Wonderful Christmas Story for yourself or it would make a nice gift for someone you know. Plus it could help your chances to win the Kindle Fire!  Just click on a banner at the top of this page to get your copy now.

(The points can take up to 12 hours to post to your account.)



*** Black Friday Special Gift! ***




Have you ever wanted to publish your own book in Amazon? Well NOW you can! From now until the end of the contest I’m going to give you a copy of the Kindle Publishing System Course.

Everyone who purchases “Skat the Christmas Cat” ebook will get a Free copy of this superb training course. All you have to do is buy Skat the cat from any of the stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iBooks), then forward the receipt to

Note: You don’t need to have an e-reader device to view this ebook. You can download free software from Amazon to view kindle books on your computer or your mobile phone. Get the free software here.

Once we have your email we will send you a link to download this course and you can get started on your way to publishing your own book on Amazon!

Warningthis special is only good until the end of the contest (November 27th at Midnight). Don’t Miss Out!


Lets take a closer Look at the Kindle Publishing System and What You Will Be Learning…


Module 1:

Learn the differences between traditional and self publishing…

Understanding the difference between Traditional and Self-Publishing and the economic advantages or disadvantages of both methods.


Module 2:

Learn about the Kindle Bookstore and what it is…

Learn how the Kindle Book Store works and an overveiw of how to publish your ebooks on the Kindle Bookstore.

Module 3:

Learn how to understand your readers and what they expect…

Develop an understanding of the different reader groups, the importance of reader oriented writing and how to write to specific reader groups.

Module 4:

Learn if you should target a specific Niche Audience or use…

Learn the differences, advantages and disadvantages between targeting a main stream audience and a specific interest niche.

Module 5:

Learn about Kindle pricing Strategies…

Learn about customer expectations for ebooks, the costs associated with ebook publishing and how to price your ebooks to sell.


Module 6:

Learn about Professional or Self Editing methods and what is best…

Differences between professional editing and self editing and what method is best for you to include cost effectiveness.


Module 7:

Learn about the Importance of Creating Attention Grabbing ecovers…

Learn how your ebook ecover can make or break your sales and how you can get professionally designed ecovers at very low cost.


Module 8:

Learn about using Specific advertising Techniques to promote your Kindle ebook…

Learn about the advertising methods for Kindle ebooks and the differences of the various available methods.


Module 9:

Learn Step by Step How to Publish your ebook on the KDI Network…

Understanding the Kindle publishing steps and a step by step walk through of the Kindle publishing process.


Module 10:

Final Recap and Summary, Bringing it all together…

Let’s review what you’ve learned and get you on your way to publishing your own profitable Kindle eBooks!


Here’s How We’ll Pick The Winner…

Listen to win the prize; you don’t have to do much work at all.  It’s NOT all about who has the “most” points. You just need 1,000 points to be eligible to win the prize! Heck, if all you do is “like” my Facebook page – you’ll get 150 points alone. So, it’s easy to win. November 27th at Midnight - We Reward 1 Lucky Winner!

On November 27th at midnight, when the contest ends, we’re going to randomly pick a winner for the prize.

All you need is 1,000 points to qualify for the drawing, but just like the lottery the more points you have the better your chances are of winning.

So get as many points as you can. But start RIGHT AWAY if you want your best chances at having the most points!


Let’s just have some good, clean fun. Okay?


 Here’s – Exactly – what you need to do to WIN this cool PRIZE


Let’s keep this SIMPLE. Just follow the 3 steps below. After that, I’ll give you 11 options on how to earn MORE points.

Do them all or just do the ones you want – YOUR CHOICE!  The more you do, the more points you earn, and the more likely you are to win your new Kindle Fire!


Step 1: Have You Signed Up Yet?

Just fill in your E-mail below if you haven’t already and you’re officially registered for the contest.

You’ll get a UNIQUE URL to use when you talk about Skat the Christmas Cat Contest. This link allows us to track people back to you. Why?

Because you get points for spreading the news about Skat the Christmas Cat Contest all over the Internet!

You’ll get 100 POINTS just for entering the contest!

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Step 2: Start With Facebook and Twitter (Easy…)

450 Points In 5 Seconds…

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get the chance to automatically join on facebook & Twitter. Just authorize the contest app & begin spreading the word online with your very own contest link.

This is 100% SAFE and your privacy is protected. We do NOT store your access information; we just go in and post the following messages for you! 

“I just joined this Cool contest for Skat the Christmas Cat to Win a New Kindle Fire, come join me before it’s over!”

You’ll earn points when you put your contest link ANYWHERE online & get people to click and visit Skat the Christmas Cat Contest!

That’s it – so the SOONER you do this, the MORE chances you have to win! 


Step 3: Here Are 11 Ways You Can Earn Points…

1. Facebook Page Like – 150 Points

Simple. Just LIKE my Facebook page.  Easy enough. Log-in to your Facebook account, go to my page:  and click the LIKE button.

That’s 150 POINTS Just for clicking a button!

2. Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel – 150 Points

Same as the Facebook one above.  I’ll bribe you with points to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Just go to my youtube channel – NameInPrint ( and click the SUBSCRIBE button.

      That’s another easy 150 POINTS just for clicking a button!

3. Facebook Wall Comment (Link To Our Contest) - 200 Points

Our system will automatically track this! Just make a comment on your Facebook wall using YOUR special link, to link to our Skat the Christmas Cat Contest – EASY! – Takes 5 Seconds… EVERY time you do this – you get 200 points!  But hey, do it in moderation, don’t spam your own friends!

4. Leave a Comment On Contest Page Using The Facebook Widget - 100 Points

Just use the Facebook option to leave a comment. Why do we give more points for this?  Because when you use Facebook, your friends can see the LINK to the contest page where you left the comment!

5. Our Pre-Done Tweet (Auto-Tweet) – 100 Points

Under Step #2 Above, just fill in your information and allow us to AUTO-post a Tweet to your account. It’s 100% safe and private. You’ll instantly get 100 points!  Every time we do a tweet at @nameinprint – Re-Tweet it. Simple.  We’ll send you an email and let you know and then you just go to your account.

Copy and Paste it and BAM! – more points. Again, that took all of what? 15 seconds?

6. Our Pre-Done Facebook Message (Auto Facebook) – 200 Points

Same as #4 above, but just using Facebook. We give more points for this because we’re finding that Facebook brings more traffic than Twitter does!

7. Submit YouTube Video (As a Response To Our Video) – 1,000 Points

Yes, you read that right! Just for making a video in response to our video you can earn 1,000 points!

You simply make a REPLY video to our video of yourself talking about Skat the Christmas Cat – what you like about the video, Your Christmas pet stories, what you like about the children’s book (only if you’ve purchased it and read it)!

This is the easiest way to get 1,000 points!

8. Submit YouTube Video – Pet Stories (Funny, Heart Warming)? What Do You Think About “Skat The Christmas               Cat”?  -  1,000 Points

1,000 Points!  When you post videos on YouTube with YOUR Contest Link in the video description… Make a video of yourself talking about Skat the Christmas Cat, Your funny or heart warming pet story.

BAM! This may take you what, 10 to 15 minutes?

9. Referring Someone To The Contest – 200 Points

When someone who clicks YOUR link and then joins the contest eventually, you’ll get 100 free points for having done nothing!

This is why we’re saying – you get points for spreading your unique Skat the Christmas Cat Contest link around the Web!

10. Posting A Comment On Our YouTube Video - 100 Points

  When you leave a comment for one our YouTube videos, you’ll get 100 points!

11. Adding Our FaceBook App – 100 Points

You’ll get 100 Points for adding our Facebook App or using our “Connect to Facebook” feature.


Remember, The More Points You Get The Better Your Chances Of Winning!

Don’t Waste Any Time – Start Now!


Listen, every HOUR you waste, someone else is stealing your point’s right out from under you!

All you need to do is fill in the form and follow the steps above and you can start right away! SO GET TO IT!


Good luck & have fun!

Fawn McManigal